Taste Of The Whip
Lyrics Taste Of The Whip
Deep inside longing for your painful touch
Lustful cold eyes stare predatory gaze
Relieve me of my burning agonies
Surrender to your tender cruel caress

Merciless queen
Poisonous need
Make me bleed

Chain my hands submit to your every whim
Tighten the rope slowly around my neck
The fear to choke subdued by ecstasy
Submission to your loving iron will

Merciless queen
Poisonous need
Make me bleed

Press your teeth against my body nails sink in my back
My eyes they burn and moisten as you bite again
Flesh becoming red and swollen the whip lashes my skin
Compassionate smile subtle delight adored lady of pain

The love of the rope - The crack of the whip

Make me feel alive again abuse without regret
Leave your marks on my body so I will never forget
Cut my skin with a razorblade and carve into my chest
Catharsis of the tainted knife as blood drips on my bed

The bloodstained blade - The divine taste of pain

Alchemy of the tortured and revered flesh
Induce the trance as hooks cut through my chest
Lift me up with chains float into the air
My mind flies off blissful altered states



God Dethroned